Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blast From the Past

I wrote this toward the end of the 2008 season, and I think it's funny how it's become completely irrelevant now...

"In the three Yankee games I went to during this past homestand, I was DISGUSTED at the behavior of fans in attendance. From constant boos every time A-Rod came up to bat, to the guy behind me incessantly chanting "I give up on baseball this season. Let's go Giants," the fan support (or lack thereof) was just disgusting.

"First of all, if you're so goddamn fed up with the team, then leave. There's no point in going to a game with the sole intention of hating on the players that you ordinarily call your favorites. If your whole argument is "These guys are all making 20 million dollars a year to hit the ball, they should do it better," then by all means, STOP coming to the games and paying their salaries with your ticket prices. Real fans like me and most of the other season ticket holders don't want you there screaming your nonsense. You're not contributing anything to the atmosphere of the game. You're ruining something that for millions of people a year is supposed to be special. Especially now, with only ten games remaining at the House That Ruth Built. By booing, all you're doing is disrespecting the players who kept that place running for over 85 years. No wonder everyone from out of town is under the impression that New Yorkers are rude and have bad attitudes. From what I can see, they're damn right.

"Second of all, you're all hypocrites. Of course everyone is entitled to his opinion, so if you don't like A-Rod or you're not a Yankee fan, then go ahead and boo. I mean, isn't that what booing is supposed to be reserved for? But if you're a Yankee fan, and last year, when A-Rod was having the best season of his life and tearing the cover off the ball on his way to his third career Most Valuable Player award, you were cheering him on and were captivated by his every move, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BOOING HIM NOW?! He's still the same person. This man basically single-handedly CARRIED the Yankees on his back last season, and this is how he's repaid? With boos the minute things start to look bad? Did you all honestly expect him to repeat last season this season? That's impossible.

"And one last thing: if 50-60 years from now, if you're sitting around talking to your grandkids about baseball "back in the day," and you're one of these so-called "fans" who has been booing A-Rod lately, don't you DARE have the nerve to tell them about how you witnessed one of the greatest players of all time shatter every offensive record in the book. If you can't support him and the team in this time when things aren't at their best, you don't deserve to have the right to call yourself a fan.

"So go ahead assholes, continue booing your supposed favorite team and favorite players in the most historically significant venue in the history of baseball. Just know that by doing so, you're making yourselves look like arrogant, classless, brainless IDIOTS."

All it took was one month's time - the 2009 postseason - for every single Yankees fan to change his opinion on Alex Rodriguez. From the game-tying home runs, to the out-of-this-world overall batting average, what he did was silence the critics and made everyone forget how much he had struggled in past Octobers. He'll tell you that the World Series Championship was a team effort but anyone who follows the team will tell you that the Yankees couldn't have done it without him. ALDS Game 2, when he hit the game-tying, 2-run home run off of Joe Nathan in the bottom of the ninth inning? The Yankees surely would have lost that game. ALDS Game 3, when he tied the game in Minnesota off of Cliff Lee with a home run off The Baggie? Well, it would have been a lot harder to win that one without him. ALCS Game 2 - bottom of the 10th, game-tying home run off of Angels' closer Brian Fuentes? Yankees were dead in the water before that, looking at a 1-1 series tie and knowing they had to win at least one game in Anaheim to make it back home. How different would the postseason have looked without him? I don't know that the Yankees would have made it out of the first round.

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